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I'm a lover of the light and the subtle details. Growing up in a rural area near Porto Alegre, Brazil, provided a good time of my childhood in close contact with nature. Its complexity and subtleties inspired me to capture it. That's what first drove me into photography. From then on, photography taught me all the rest. Still in school, I started to experiment in filmmaking and documentary. I graduated my bachelors in Social Communications and Advertising, PUCRS (2013). Worked as a camera operator and editor for a TV Channel, made some freelance photography and filmmaking for a couple of brands and bands; but in a need to push my skills, with a little help from my friends (and family), I ended up moving to Los Angeles, where I'm based as of 2014. After this turning point, photography introduced me extraordinary people, ones who shared and changed the way I see things. Different tastes; different looks. I learned narrative and cinematography. How to see light and emotion. In New York Film Academy was the place I found these people. Graduated my Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography (2016). Since then I've been improving my techniques and looking for new exciting collaborations.

Narrative Projects:

Rift (2018), Bloody Eyes (2018), Desterro (2017), True Colors (2017), Served (2017), Jerry (2016), Pumpkin (2016), Akirah (2015), Back to Buxton Boulevard (2015) and more.


Maraca, Dietland, JestoAgro, StoreTV, Apparatos, Planeta Atlântida, PartiuBrasil.

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